MEGA AI streamlines sales slashing inefficiencies & costs
Unlock the power of AI to decrease Sales Development Representative (SDR) costs while continuously optimizing outbound productivity.
Enhanced Quality Assurance: Leveraging Your Top Reps Calls to develop the perfect script
Learning from Successful Outcomes: Analyzing Data from Thousands of Recorded Calls
Create your own model: Build the best sales companion to assist in prospecting, discovery, and nurturing leads. 
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CRM and dialer integration connects your existing tools effortlessly. Access data seamlessly and initiate calls from one place for a streamlined workflow.
Customized training programs for your team's needs. foster skill development, improving performance for better results and productivity.
Optimised appointment setting process across Industries
Mega AI's adaptable solutions serve diverse industries, enabling sales success globally across varied geographic regions and markets.

Technology Services

Mega AI redefines tech sales, optimizing processes for enhanced efficiency and client satisfaction in industry landscape.

Financial Services

Mega AI empowers financial services firms to elevate their sales approach. Mega AI drives growth for your financial products.


Mega AI drives Telecom Sales by automating tasks and enhancing customer interactions for improved efficiency and profitability.


Healthcare sales teams thrive with Mega AI. AI  boosts leads, & personalizes sales for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and services.


Mega AI supercharges retail sales with automated solutions, enhance customer experience, and drive conversions.

Real Estate

Mega AI streamlines processes, drives more deals and business growth through tailored AI-driven solutions.
Interact with AI just like you would with another person
Experience natural conversations and seamless interactions, engaging effortlessly for a more human-like connection with Mega AI.
Mega AI enables lightning-fast, low-latency interactions with natural conversational flow.
Voices resembling humans enhance conversational interactions, make them more engaging
Persuasive closing tactics suggesting optimal times and benefits for immediate commitment.
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Mega AI attentively listens, responds to clients' needs, ensuring personalized, considerate appointment setting.
Our AI SDR/BDR employs advanced strategies to politely bypass gatekeepers, ensuring direct communication with decision-makers.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

How is mega different than other AI calling systems?

Mega works with your existing call recordings and learns from the best outcomes to build the perfect bot.

How does billing work?

Billing is monthly. Our pricing starts from $500 bot per month. Sign up for our waitlist and we will be in touch with you right away.

Do I need experience with AI?

No, none at all. We work with your team to onboard and build out the perfect bot for your team. We handle all the quality assurance and setup.

Can your bots do live call transfers?

Absolutely yes. We have an entire product designed to bypass the gatekeeper and connect to a live rep.
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